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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleet management?

GPS tracking systems allow vehicle owners to know at all times where their assets are located. An electronic module is placed in the vehicles, which periodically records vehicle data (GPS position, speed, itineraries, etc.). This information is transmitted over the air through the cellular network to our servers. It is then decrypted and converted to be viewed and analysed by end-users of our software.

How does GPS work?

The module that we install in vehicles includes a GPS receiver that captures data from satellites orbiting the Earth. This receiver allows the module to calculate its position very accurately.

What are the costs associated with the purchase of an Astus system?

Astus products are available at very competitive rates. After the initial purchase of the GPS modules (and additional options), the only thing left are the monthly fees for cellular data transmission. Unlike other fleet management systems on the market, we don't charge any additional fees for software licenses or additional users. Contact one of our representatives to determine which product will best suit your situation.

How frequently does the system update its position?

Depending on your needs, you might want to know the positions of certain vehicles less frequently or, on the contrary, in real time. Our modules are equipped with extremely accurate components, and they can transmit their position as often as every 15 seconds. Furthermore, the position is automatically refreshed at every turn in direction.

Our Astus Metal module, designed to remain independent for long periods, can be configured to transmit its position as seldom as weekly or monthly. This presents an appealing option for owners of assets (such as containers or other objects over which they have no control) who wish to ensure that their goods are where they should be.

What happens when the vehicle enters an area not covered by cellular networks?

Our modules continue to record positions and other data locally. When the vehicle re-enters a cellular zone, the data is sent to the servers. We ensure that no data is lost, wherever you are!

Is there a limit to the number of users, vehicles or frequency of connections to the system?

There is no limit to the number of vehicles that can be monitored. Many of our customers have large fleets. New users can be added at no extra charge and users can connect to their Astus system af often as they wish.

What reports are available in Astus software?

Astus 2012 has a wide range of pre-defined reports that can be modified and saved according to your business needs. You can view your data by vehicle, trip, schedule or even by driver if you have installed Astus ID! With Astus CAN, you can generate eco-driving reports, detailing fuel economy, RPM and speed of your vehicles. Crossing borders and territories reports are also available to help you complete your IFTA reports.

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