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What Is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet management includes all activities related to the administration of the vehicles belonging to or under the employ of a company. These activities range from vehicle maintenance to driver management to itinerary and speed monitoring.

A fleet management system is mainly composed of two elements: an on-board computer installed in each vehicle, and the fleet management software capturing data from the vehicles and rendering it to maps and charts/reports.

Fleet tracking is an important component for any business with vehicles as it allows managers to reduce operating costs while maximizing staff efficiency. A daily reduction in idling time of just 15 minutes is enough to realise a return on your investment in Astus modules, and considerably helps reduce pollution.

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How Does the Astus System Work?

The Astus Management System consists of an electronic module transmitting its GPS position via modem, along with a host of other data, including speed and distance.

This information is relayed to you, the client, to check on the status of your fleet in real-time or by set time-interval, and allows you to generate reports for further analysis. All data is stored on our servers for up to 3 years. In addition to providing this information in a completely automated fashion, the Astus GPS system is also highly durable. Our product was designed to withstand high temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of Using Astus

  Increased efficiency and productivity
  Reduced operating costs
  Improved maintenance schedules
  Enhanced security
  Email notifications
  Customizable reports

And much more!

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