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What Is Asset Tracking Management?

Though relatively new to the market, this solution is quickly growing in demand. Especially useful for motor carriers and distribution companies, it consists of tracking goods rather than vehicles.

These assets are often in the hands of third parties (suppliers, customers, carriers). Throughout their life cycle, it becomes difficult for owners to keep control of them in order to avoid inventory loss and shrinkage. In these situations, it becomes necessary to establish an efficient monitoring system.

How does this differ from fleet management, in terms of technology? The module used for asset tracking works on internal battery charge, so it doesn’t need to be connected to a power source; the owner can move it to where it is needed. Position is triangulated by using cellular towers, which allows the module to transmit its position from locations otherwise inaccessible to GPS, and at the same time extends its battery life.

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What Types of Assets Can I Track This Way?

Reusable metallic containers

Valuable tools or equipment

Metallic trailers

Goods requiring temperature control

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Improved asset visibility in the supply chain

  • Compliant with customer requirements

  • Reduced loss, theft and damage of goods in transit

  • Reduced labor costs and human errors through automated tracking

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