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ETL Electronics Company Profile

The Leaders in the Industry

After 20 years in the market, we are among an elite few long-established companies in the world to offer fleet management solutions. ETL Electronics, the company behind our Astus products, started out as the largest manufacturer of electronic anti-auto theft products in Canada, with over 400,000 installed ignition interlock systems. Always innovative, the business established itself among the first to offer fleet management solutions. Now, our customer-base of several thousand companies is spread over 3 continents.

We have built our reputation on our robust and innovative product offerings. Many of our clients have endured unfortunate experiences with competing offerings, and have found a product that meets and exceeds their expectations in Astus.

An Established Business

We offer our employees a stimulating environment and we get back full commitment and dedication. Our turnover rate of near zero and our relationships with long-standing customers are ringing and reassuring evidence of the quality of our management.

Growth and sustainability of ETL Electronics is mainly based on:

  • Dynamic R&D department, always on the lookout for changes in the market
  • Reliable and evolving solutions
  • Development of powerful and comprehensive software
  • Commitment to customer service quality

Manufacturing of electronic modules, housings, wires, as well as programming and quality control are accomplished locally. Our subcontractors must meet our strict quality and performance requirements.

This way of operating allows us great flexibility in the products we offer: we can customize the product you purchase to exactly suit your needs.


Satisfied Customers


Air France chose Astus after a selection process of 4 years, among a field of 14 products from competing suppliers worldwide. Their fleet includes 2,000 vehicles with up to 50 users working simultaneously on Astus software.

RTP (public transit authority for Mexico City) chose Astus for the exceptional quality/price ratio. Astus allows them to obtain the positions of their vehicles (1,500 buses) in real time (every 15 seconds) and locate them on a map in specifically configured areas.

Communauto (carsharing business) selected Astus after a brief experience with a competing product. Of utmost importance to them were our integration with their booking and billing software, absolute accuracy on time and distance, and low battery consumption. Their fleet is comprised of over 1,200 vehicles, and our Astus software also manages the 25,000 RFID keys of their members.

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